Tonight we embark on the final show of a 2 month run, performing under the pseudonym “Grassroots & Cowboy Boots.” Ending 2011 and beginning 2012, myself, along with Chris Henderson and Jess Moskaluke performed across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba a collective of 54 shows. From community halls to theatres, nightclubs to highschools, private house concerts & a wedding we racked up four-thousand kilometers and took out a transmission to play for a collective of thousands. The time spent in such closed confinement traveling the highway forced all of us to pick up on each other’s personality traits and steal performance quirks. Darkness Radio kept us awake through the all-nighters from Winnipeg, MB to Langenburg, SK (home of Kelly Buchberger – Go Oil!!) An enormous thank you to all forms of media for the promotional efforts put in and stories ran, truly making or breaking attendance in areas we’ve never ventured. Our trusty tour manager, Travis Harris kept us from arriving late to interviews, drove through the nights while we slept, sold merchandise, set up equipment, guitar-teched, sound-teched, and arcitected routes via backroads to save on fuel costs and time – the smoothness solely is credited to him. There’s something special to be said about the power in numbers – there’s also something to be said about leaving on a high-note.