We drive Peters’ guitarist home. John Huber spends the majority of his time working with The Wandering Boys, Hideout regulars. We debrief the night. I reiterate to John my Canadiana lecture and he educates me more on his city. The topic of brick buildings brings up poet, Carl Sandburg. I’m still visualizing Lawrence Peters’ set and Huber coincidently quotes Sandburg’s Chicago.

“…the city of big shoulders.”

Before dropping Huber at another overshot address, he directs my travels to St. Louis reminding me that legendary Chuck Berry still has a Sunday night residency at Blueberry Hill. No question. I redirect my original plan from Louisville, KY to his recommendation.

Ethan’s been a mother of all hosts. Offering to split the last tall boy PBR in his fridge, I decline and he taps in. The night is relatively young with Peters’ final snare cracking at 11 pm. Kinsella is humble and needs to be prodded to put on his five song EP. As we settle in for the night, I call him out on not being able to finish another tall boy. He begins to prove me wrong as the first track plays.

The earworm!

The song I couldn’t place from his performance at The Friendly Tap begins.

“Honey let me call you babe, Babe let me call you Hon, Honey Babe, Baby Honey, I don’t know what else to call you, alls I really wanna say is…”

What I assumed was a standard is not. My aspirations of beginning an indie label are only strengthen by this track. The EP progresses with a story-line. A mini concept album about pursuit. I imagine The Friendly Tap’s bartender, Amanda, as the pursued. The album doesn’t dictate a happy ending. Sorry brother.

My wheels are turning and keep me up for a couple hours past the lights being shut off.


I’m surprisingly rested and have the three day old “Three-Pounder” as a quick breakfast. Wrap the remaining third and throw it in the cooler with the ice-cold freezer-pack. Kinsella hears my bustle. An appreciative hand-to-hand and I’m out. The van is ticket-free. I’m as clean as a whistle with all batteries at 100%. Chuck Berry’s Blueberry Hill residency has been on hiatus due to health issues. I revert back to Plan A.

The day is uneventful. I alternate between Outlaw Radio and Willie’s Roadhouse. Prime Country gives me my George Strait fix and the new Garth Channel is surprisingly captivating. I sing along to it as much as the next. A destined Cracker Barrel breakfast-supper keeps me going for another couple hours. The road begins to kaleidoscope and an unexpected sign for Nashville, Indiana triggers instinct. I accidently take the exit to end up in an abandoned, mid-Indiana parking lot. Not ideal for a worry-free first night back on the van floor but accommodating.

I go through the actions. Mary Kay baby-wipes. Teeth.

Frugal with data, I’ve given my best efforts to stay outside of my phone but the screen light is a companion. For the considerable amount of well-wishes, they don’t quite suffice the desire for Melanie’s bed or Mom’s salmon-loaf.

My childhood imagination begins to welcome itself the parking lot. I build stories that aren’t matching well with the Cracker Barrel coffee refills. I’m wide awake and deep into my data plan. Like The OC, I binge-watched Netflix’s Stranger Things before taking off. I fell asleep during the pilot, waking to 3 am Melanie regretting her decision to continue watching without me. I laughed at her. And here I am in an abandoned parking lot with the Demigod. I return to being ten years old and hearing the Unsolved Mysteries theme playing in the living room. Robert Stacks voice narrating my Facebook messages.

Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ describes the Dark Night of the Soul, The Supernatural Aid and The Belly of the Whale. Happenings and assistance in a protagonists quest.

From my day’s as a youngster I was taught to repeat a few Hail Mary’s and you’re made in the shade. It helps. I continue reading Facebook messages and come across a quick note of support from our Premier, Brad Wall.

Brad’s been good to me. It’s a professional relationship that has developed into a personal friendship. I’ve asked to crash on his couch and he’s welcomed my request. I continue to lean more politically left as I grow into my own ideologies and worldly beliefs but there’s absolutely no argument in one area. Real Country Music.

His message is complimentary but more importantly offers Supernatural Aid. Proverbs 3: 23-33. Again my 3’s are present.

“Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble.
When you lie down, you will not be afraid;
When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet…

…for the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.”

I put my phone away. Give a peace sign to the side window and fall asleep.