The cat is out of the bag and we’re going to chase it across America for a bit.

Holy smokes, I’ve never sat and planned like this…maybe ever. Not to build anything up through my own shameless account at the risk of something falling short, but I’m definitely excited to finally get this record to my supporters. As far as planning goes though, maybe it’s better argued that I am, once again, wingin’ it.

So first things first – there ain’t just me behind the wheel right now. I’m so damn lucky to have the mighty talents of Lindsey Thompson and Wes Davenport at Echo Ave helping with getting the message to the people. I’m available for both long and short talks with anybody interested in helping with the mission. Angela Backstrom from Angela Backstrom Productions in California is working the radio waves, making the calls, and the elusive Little Jack Films is creating another visual to aid in your Realms experience. Zing.

I’m trying to stay on top of bookings – the goal is to not really stop for any length of time. Just play.

So we’re breaking new ground in the process and heading south. Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio – up to Michigan, hit T.O., back south. You might just get many denominations of my project – Belle is joining me for a lot of it, I think. Either way, there will be stories, lots of them.

And if you remember back to the “Quest for Real Country Music” – we were invited to perform at this year’s Kickin’ It On The Creek in Irvine, Kentucky. Wow – we can’t wait. Yes – tour dates to come.

Lastly, if there’s one thing I’ve gotten into, it’s documenting. Whatever it may be – stories, blogs, side-projects, independent struggles. If you care – you’re in luck. This website is where all of that is going to live. Come and go as you please but I would be grateful if you stayed a while. Jill Ferron at FERNxDesign in Regina, SK is the master to it all. So here it is – the new website, roam. I’ll direct you in the journey.

We’re off.

‘Ol Uncle Blake