We’re still living in the van and are about to truck it into British Columbia but not without a couple Stampede shows

None of us can get over how fortunate we are to play some of the rooms we have. Off the beaten path barns, southern Alberta honky tonks, theatres and homes. It’s incredible how a list of thank-yous grow after a week on the road, let alone a month – we’ve done our best to do it in real time on the Instagram and Twitter account, but a new blog should be in order.

As many of you know we’ve been rotating our bassist role for the last few years…hell, almost by the show. Steve (Leidal, long time drummer) even got to the point where he decided he was the man for the job and brought in fellow Moose Javian, Drake Mark, for the most consistency we’ve had in a long time. But to double down on that consistency, we chucked old Stevie back on the skins, focused on the acoustic elements of the performances and have been on the road in honky tonk singer/songwriter fashion with the amazing Bryce Lewis (tele player all over Jasper) and the wonderful (and organized) Belle Plaine. Anywho, we’re taking this outfit back west

We’ve hit Stampede hard the past couple years, playing all the slots we could get our mingers on. This year’s a little more relaxed, a couple Palomino shows. Not spreading our worth too thin. Good BBQ, Bikers, Suits, and a couple real cowboys – Wednesday, July 12 from 3PM-7PM and Thursday, July 13 from 11AM-3PM. Our songs, Merle songs, and dammit I’ll sing some Vince Gill if I wanna sing Vince Gill.

Then we are zipping through the hills to play the Amphitheatre at RJ Haney Heritage Village and Museum in Salmon Arm, BC, The Orchard in Oyama, BC (Vernon), and one of our favourite house concerts – Owlhead Creek Bed and Breakfast. Chances are good I’ll book a few more last minuters – again, stay tuned to the tour page.

And then August.