A smooth talking devil of the nightlife, an early morning coffeecup in hand, he’ll exercise his freedom of expression and won’t back down once he takes his stand

As you’ve probably picked up by this point, I have a concept record on my hands. How it came together and the inspiration behind it is still tripping me out – but it’s done. And I can’t wait to hear what y’all think.

We’ve worked years at carving out a fanbase that we want to be proud of. Being vocal about a few things more than others, propping up the one’s that are fighting the good fight in the name of authentic art, keeping a nose to the grindstone and trying not to fuck up. For this release, I just wanted the songs to stand up. I think they do. I really think they do.

There are some minds out there that once I get into them, I go down the rabbit hole. Thomas P Fusco is one of them. I first heard his ideas on a radio show I started listening to years ago out of Minneapolis/St.Paul – Darkness on the Edge of Town on Twin Cities News Talk Radio 1130 AM. His explanations of why things are they way they are gives a scientific-minded explanation to the way our Universe operates. Throw in a little C.S. Lewis allegory and life experience and there ya have it. Again, we’ll get into it.

And for as much as I say Dark Side of the Moon was an influence, I was listening to Bat Out of Hell long before I ever knew what a Pink Floyd was. Mom’s records. I fell in love with everything from the art to the sound to the story. A Badass Protagonist. A Hero. Our’s happens to be a cowboy.

The first single off of Realms will be dropped the end of July.