Bet your ass that he’s a “Pretty Good Guy”.

Our hero does his best. Has a heart, tries to be a better guy, doesn’t take shit off anybody. He’s a good ol’ boy that’s close with his mama, will never leave a person hanging, and will throw down if pushed. But even the best of them fall. For whatever reason, the day to day grind starts to wear on a soul and sometimes one just has to step out of the picture for a bit.

Our hero prefers a horseback ride. A warm fall evening completes the most ideal setting to release all stresses, just add an old palomino mare, a cool creek and a toke. Lost in Saskatchewan’s south east corner, pasture land at the edge of “Moose Mountain” Provincial Park.

But it’s only a temporary scenario, almost too good to be true. The weight of the “Crooked Old Earth” is waiting upon one’s return. Painful when faced and disappointing as all hell. Really makes a guy wonder why he even tries. So he slips. He quits.

Acumen replaced by apathy. A sense of values and ethics, overridden by despair. Addiction results.

Where the “Heat of the Sun” was almost worshipped, it’s renounced. A consuming thought of death, self-inflicted. An acceptance of nothing, numb.

But no matter how dark, the smallest light shines. To ask for help is an act of extreme vulnerability. But he does so however he knows – talks a little more openly and does his best to look it in the face. It won’t go without a fight. “With Men My Age” he says “is when the pain starts slowly slipping in”. But it’s more than slipped in, it’s winning. “The Grip”.

And then something steps in and communicates how it can. Something else takes control of the outcome. Some may call it intervention, it’s an open door. So he steps through it. Towards it. He feels closer to some areas more than others. He hears “Jesus in a Backbeat”, he sees with a new eye, he feels connected to a cosmic centre. A complete journey, reconnecting to a sense of Self he once knew. And beyond that.

And he grows. With gratitude.

He is The “Interloper”. He is a riddler. A storyteller. He finds the Truth and hides the truth. He likes numbers. He has his teachers and now he has his students. There’s a message. There’s a mission.

The message is love. The mission is more complex.

There are Realities and there are “Realms”.