Blake’s projects document his folk twang collaboration with Belle Plaine, his Quest for Real Country Music, his door-to-door album sales campaigns (He surpassed his goal this past May!) and his independent record label, Oceanman Records. Blake’s gotten into documenting everything. These projects, along with his blog, showcase the behind-the-scenes stories, struggles and community efforts he shares with his fans.

Folk Twang Duo “Belle Plaine and Blake Berglund”

Some might say it was inevitable. Two small town Saskatchewan country kids, each with their own distinct music style, play a mean game of afternoon cribbage and decide, right then and there, to collaborate in music and in love. What followed was the release of Town to Town/Saskatchewan, a 70s-inspired 7” vinyl produced by Jason Plumb.

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We’ve been jumping up on eachother’s stages, singing on eachother’s tunes and sharing eachother’s players. Heck we even decided to work with the same producer through it all. As a quick little project we recorded and released a couple of songs written by our friend and fellow Saskie, Zachary Lucky. A limited amount of 7” vinyls were pressed and we are damn near sold out. The songs live on Spotify as well, head on over to the Media Page to check’em out.

The Quest for Real Country Music

Inspired by the writings and the road trips of Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, and Jack Kerouac, Blake journeys to the birthplace of American Country Music in the heart of Appalachia. Traveling on to Nashville and back home, he chronicles Country Music’s tide-turning revolution and meets the folks who honour the genre’s traditions and quality. A trilogy with a blog-based narrative, Blake’s quest comes complete with live music reviews, travel anecdotes, personal struggles and interviews with a multitude of characters all sharing their stories.

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Yep, I still find myself rather passionate about the state of “Country Music” – lucky enough, I was chronicling it when I was right good and fired up. I’m sitting on a pile of unreleased blogs to continue the story and way in the back of my mind am plotting it all out to be a book. That wasn’t official or anything, I just really want to be an author when I grow up. But for now, more “instalments” in my country music Epic on the way.

Oceanman Records

Oceanman Records is an independently operated record label connected to Blake Berglund. Named after Berglund’s epic ballad, Oceanman Records works in collaboration with fellow artists, labels and industry-minded personnel sharing a vision for quality music and artistic endeavors.

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Right? Because we all want our own record labels some day. Connections I’ve made, industry experiences and tid-bits of information I’ve received all get funnelled back to this idea of growing something from nothing. Remember that story I told for years about that time my buddy Jonas and I decided to go to Winnipeg for Mexican food and ended up on Canada’s east coast. 4200 km on a whim. It was the “Oceanman” that got us there – a 1989 6.2L Deisel Chevy Van. The van has been sold – it’s story still represents the unknown.

#May1000 campaign.

Taking to the streets, Blake raised capital for the independent release of his new album “Realms” by selling his double-disc recordings of “Jasper” and “Coyote” door to door between May 1 and May 31, 2017. A mix of old-fashioned hustle and community engagement meant he surpassed his 1000 CD sales goal. Deep down, knowing it would work out having sold albums in this fashion from 2008 – 2012. Profoundly grateful for the generosity of both fans and strangers.

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From 2008-2012 I took my first album, a self-titled collection of acoustic songs and just started knocking on doors. First in Medicine Hat, AB (where I was living at the time) and then westward. Lethbridge, Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver and finally moving back to Saskatchewan. It became a vagabond lifestyle. I did it once, I felt I could do it again – this time with parameters. An attempt to sell 1000 albums, door-to-door throughout the month of May (2017) – and I did it. 1028 to be exact.

As I’m still seeing the affects of the seeds planted between 2008-2012, I’m sure the stories will continue through my efforts from the second time around. Check out my final Facebook post on the journey…and then dig backwards from there.

A musician and a writer

Blake’s blog is where he lets it all out. This is where you will get a more unreserved approach to Blake’s inner workings. Encounters, opinions, and anecdotes usually tying back to the music. Usually. He’ll say a quick hello from the road, share his tour diary, promote his fellow musicians’ albums as well as those folks in the community doing good things. As always, Blake’s grateful you’re here, reading.

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I guess so, eh? I still dig picking a guitar or plunking a piano. If someone gets talking about gear, it very possible that a couple hours escape me and I end up purchasing some strange synthesizer (which, by the way…I’m trying to get my hands on a used Moog Sub-Phatty). For as much as “Country Music” is where I feel my heart will always be – there’s forever been a side of me that stayed true my influences growing up…Willie Nelson came late in life. I don’t care what y’all think – Neil Diamond is the man, Angus Young is an idol, and I’ll forever defend Tom Cochrane and Bryan Adams.

As for the writing – well, look at this site, it’s full of it.


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