There are realities. And there are Realms.


“Berglund’s psychedelic country is changing the game” – Bandsintown

Blake Berglund’s “Realms” is an allegorical concept album about the breadth of human experience, the recognition of God and the awareness of one’s own power. In this 10-track album, listen as the hero takes a transformational journey, exploring the nuanced patterns of spirituality, alternative beliefs and universal truths to reach enlightenment.


Chapter VIII • Interloper


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are you an interloper?.

the inside realm requires a trust.

I too am tired of this reality.


The list of collaborators is ever changing and brand expansion is inevitable. Keep an eye on the revolving door as Berglund traverses mediums to continue to deliver a very specific message. 



Having A Severely Normal One

Having A Severely Normal One

From a rural high school I did two years post secondary at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina. Making the decision to leave was done rather easily. I lacked stimulation and as developed in formative years, I could not seem to operate...

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How John Prine Convinced Me Of A Divine Architecture

How John Prine Convinced Me Of A Divine Architecture

  Lately being our most responsible, my wife and I have been hunting for the communion of common sense and creativity in hopes of discovering small practices to nurture our sanity. We imposed quarantine upon ourselves approximately three weeks ago making the decision...

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Intuition and Expectation

The exhausted tale of how I would load up a side-satchel and hit the streets with an album I borrowed two thousand dollars to make has become a prevalent story in my mythology. The door-to-door hustle that lasted half a decade moved over ten thousand copies of the...

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“Pretty Good Guy”

A smooth talking devil of the nightlife, an early morning coffeecup in hand, he'll exercise his freedom of expression and won't back down once he takes his stand As you've probably picked up by this point, I have a concept record on my hands. How it came together and...

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Folk Twang Duo “Belle Plaine and Blake Berglund”

Some might say it was inevitable. Two small town Saskatchewan country kids, each with their own distinct music style, play a mean game of afternoon cribbage and decide, right then and there, to collaborate in music and in love. What followed was the release of Town to Town/Saskatchewan, a 70s-inspired 7” vinyl produced by Jason Plumb.

The Quest for Real Country Music

Inspired by the writings and the road trips of Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, and Jack Kerouac, Blake journeys to the birthplace of American Country Music in the heart of Appalachia. Traveling on to Nashville and back home, he chronicles Country Music’s tide-turning revolution and meets the folks who honour the genre’s traditions and quality. A trilogy with a blog-based narrative, Blake’s quest comes complete with live music reviews, travel anecdotes, personal struggles and interviews with a multitude of characters all sharing their stories.

Blake Berglund x Colter Wall x The Dead South

Where you find Blake, you find his buddies and more often than not you find little jack films. Check out their collaboration of Roger Miller’s “My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died” recorded live on some strange penthouse rooftop during the 2018 Calgary Stampede.

#May1000 campaign.

Taking to the streets, Blake raised capital for the independent release of his new album “Realms” by selling his double-disc recordings of “Jasper” and “Coyote” door to door between May 1 and May 31, 2017. A mix of old-fashioned hustle and community engagement meant he surpassed his 1000 CD sales goal. Deep down, knowing it would work out having sold albums in this fashion from 2008 – 2012, Blake’s profoundly grateful for the generosity of both fans and strangers.

A musician and a writer

Blake’s blog is where he lets it all out. This is where you will get a more unreserved approach to Blake’s inner workings. Encounters, opinions, and anecdotes usually tying back to the music. Usually.

He’ll say a quick hello from the road, share his tour diary, promote his fellow musicians’ albums as well as those folks in the community doing good things. As always, Blake’s grateful you’re here, reading.

The Inside Realm.

trust me.